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Topic: How can I create Aux's

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    How can I create Aux's

    This might sound like a stupid question, but here goes.
    I'm using Jazz & Big Band with Logic 7, I want to eq. etc. each instrument separately. Each instrument has four aux.
    How do I configure Logic for Aux's, the manual's not much help here!

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    Re: How can I create Aux's

    I'll just duplicate my post from the Sound On Sound forum for this answer Phil:

    in Logic 8:
    1. Make sure that when you load your JABB/Kontakt instrument, you select one of the Multi-Output versions of the plugin (if available) - depending on what output configuration you want to use.
    2. Go to the environment page and find the main channel for your JABB Instrument.
    3. You should see a '+' button at the bottom right of the channel. These don't appear for non-Multi Output instruments. Click it and a new Aux channel will be assigned to Outputs 3-4 of this instrument.
    4. Click the '+' again to create as many output channels as you need from your JABB instrument. You can change which outputs are assigned to which Aux by going to the Aux channel and changing the Input setting.
    5. That's your Aux's set-up. Now you just go into JABB and assign your instruments to the Aux output that you desire.
    6. You now have separate processing and mixer control over those instruments.
    7. If this is a common setup for you, obviously save it as an Autoload. You can always change which Multi-Output Instrument feeds those Auxiliaries by changing the plugin in the normal way.

    Have fun!


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