I know Groove Mode uses a lot more memory, but it's also the friendliest. most spontaneous way to work IMO.

What I would like is that RMX could remove unused Grooves from a suite to reclaim memory. This probably isn't a new idea, but this feature would really speed up song loading time and reduce the demand on the system.

My workaround for dealing with this is to save the desired Grooves as Favorites and assign them to a new part- the trigger notes are different which is a bit awkward but that can be worked out.

Another workaround of course is to take each used groove and give it a Part in Slice Mode, but that removes the possibilty of playing the grooves by key.

RMX is so great soundwise; if a little optimization is still possible handling & memory-wise, we can all hang on until it's STEAM-ready.

Thanks for listening!