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Topic: GPO with FL Studio Pls Help!

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    GPO with FL Studio Pls Help!

    I am sorry if this question has been asked before, but I have searched the forum and cannot find an answer to this question: I am using GPO with Kontakt 2 VST in FL Studio 8 (XXL). The problem I get is that when using GPO live, as well as to playback midi notes some of the notes either do not play (get missed out) or get cut short (cut off) ? Mostly the notes do play back as expected but obviously if a few notes get missed out or cut short GPO becomes unusable for me. So it is a big problem.

    Can someone help me please?

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    Re: GPO with FL Studio Pls Help!

    Hi Nigel,

    There's a lot of possible explanations for this (disk streaming, RAM buffers, erratic controller data, etc). To start working for the a solution, could you tell us what instruments are you experiencing this with and what your computer specs are (especially soundcard and computer model number)?


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    Re: GPO with FL Studio Pls Help!

    Thank you for giving me your assistance with this. My computer specs are:

    Intel Celeron laptop (Dell Inspiron) 1.6GHz processor; I Gb Ram. Sound Device is Sigma Tel audio. I use Windows XP (sp3).

    The main problem seems to be that on some notes they are cut off as if the sample cannot sustain the note. However, this is completely random and seems to effect all the instruments (that I have tried). If I replay a section different notes might be affected!!?

    I am fairly certain this is not an issue with my computer resources. I use GPO also in Sibelius and it works fine with no problems. Sibelius uses more computer resources than FL Studio. My computer is not being overloaded..I have a monitor! Also in FL Studio I have other VSTs with no problems including Kore 2 and it works fine too.

    I get a problem with Kontakt (or GPO) even if only one instrument is loaded!

    I hope you can help.


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    Re: GPO with FL Studio Pls Help!

    Okey dokey,

    Here's a few ideas.

    1. Make sure you're running the latest versions of Kontakt 2 and/or Kontakt Player 2. The About tab should display 2.2.4; if you don't have this, it's a free download from the Native Instruments site (login required).
    2. What you describe, random dropouts, would strike me first as voice killing. In Kontakt, check in the options window to look at the voice killing rules as CPU power increases. Loosen their restrictions. A single instrument playing with problems though, suggests this isn't likely the problem.
    3. With a 5400rpm drive (ships standard in most Dell laptops), you might experience some difficulties streaming several voices simultaneously. Again, though, a single voice shouldn't have difficulty.
    4. FL Studio runs a very different audio engine environment from Sibelius and it could be an audio buffer setting within FL. SigmaTel Audio is far from the greatest for these sorts of applications. Sibelius can cope with it more effectively because it runs in a higher latency mode. Try looking for a buffer size or length command in the Hardware or Audio menu of FL and increasing its size. See if that has an effect. Though if Kore is OK, this may not be the issue.

    Keep us posted.


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    Re: GPO with FL Studio Pls Help!

    Thanks for your suggestions.

    In the options menu of Kontakt I
    (1) Increased the amount of RAM reserved for DFD streaming voices and,

    (2) Disabled CPU overload protection (by killing voices)

    ....and this did the trick. It is all working fine now! Many thanks for helping me to resolve this issue.


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