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Topic: "To Russia With Lyrics" - newspaper interview and blog link

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    "To Russia With Lyrics" - newspaper interview and blog link

    Today is Sunday 11-02-08, and Salem, Oregon's newspaper ran an interview with me about my trip to Russia to work with the group who will be presenting the professional premiere of my show "Dorian-The Remarkable Mister Gray" this coming March.

    The hard copy of this interview looks just great. A big box is above the paper's masthead on the front page, saying "Composer Takes Musical to Russia." Then the story is the lead article of the Life section, with a large, beautiful graphic of some of the "turnip top" buildings of The Kremlin.

    Here's the link to the online version - it'll disappear into archives in a week, and by then I'll have a version of it up at the "Dorian" site:

    EDIT: The article had a number of small errors in it, but the webmaster for The Statesman has graciously corrected all of them. So I've erased the list of mistakes originally on the link above.

    It's a very nice article, and seeing it was certainly a great start to my day - my last in the States before I get on the plane tomorrow.

    My blog about my adventures in Russia is hosted through The Statesman Journal's site - and here's the link to the first entry which went up today.

    So here I go!

    --one odd thing about the timing of this trip--I'll be there in Moscow when our election results are announced!

    I'll be here as I can during November, but if you keep the above blog link handy, you'll be able to keep up with my progress.

    Take care all!
    Randy Bowser

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    Re: "To Russia With Lyrics" - newspaper interview and blog link

    Hi Randy,

    I made a comment on the post in the Statesman Journal.

    Perhaps other members would like to do so as well and let all these Salemites know what they have in their midst.

    Good luck in Russia Randy!

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    Re: "To Russia With Lyrics" - newspaper interview and blog link

    Желаю удачи с шоу! Привет Москве.

    I wish you luck with the show! Say hello to Moscow from me Haven't been there for 11 years.

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    Re: "To Russia With Lyrics" - newspaper interview and blog link

    Rushing out the door within the hour--HAD to thank you, Alan, for a simply beautiful post you put up at The Statesman's site---Deep bow of thanks.

    el-russo - ! I shall say hello to Moscow for you!

    EVERYONE - I have updated the link to the interview, because it changed this morning.

    BEWARE if you go there. The paper unfortunately uses one of those unmoderated systems where anyone can post comments. Alan posted a wonderful response, my sister did also - but some poor soul posted a very nasty bit on there. I have no idea who the person is, and their comments are totally off the subject of my show going to Russia.

    PLEASE do not engage this person in banter at the site. I really don't want public arguments during this special time. I've lived through those before, and they're destructively negative. So, if you go there, just shrug your shoulders and ignore. Thanks.

    Next I write--I'll be in Moscow!
    Take care all.
    Randy B.

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