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Topic: New Tango, and a New-Romantic piece :)

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    Smile New Tango, and a New-Romantic piece :)

    Hello all. I'm kinda new here, soo.. How are you all doing? I've seen it's a great community here.
    I've to become completely in love with GPO, it makes me able to really just get the most potential out of my creativity. So I thought i'd post two of the songs i've made with GPO and Gofriller Cello. The first is a modern Tango i wrote for a very good girlfriend of mine, I use reason for beat & accordion. And GPO in Cubase SX for Piano and strings.
    The second is a NewRomantic piece I wrote to test the potential, and my programming skills of the Gofriller Cello, and also get some piano practice
    I really hope you take the time to listen to it and give me some feedback
    (BTW i hope it's okay that I post two songs in one topic, since I'm not supposed to post many topics in a row)


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    Re: New Tango, and a New-Romantic piece :)

    I'm not up on tangos but it sounds good to me. I would maybe toss in a few more ideas for interest but again I don't know what is standard for a tango.

    The mix is pretty good but I think it could maybe use just a little fine tuning to increase the pleasure for the ear. I'm not sure but it's what popped into my head.


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    Re: New Tango, and a New-Romantic piece :)

    The tango was very nice. I enjoyed it. I am not an expert at tangos either but it certainly sounded good to me.

    The Cello in the second piece is really nice!! For my ears, the reverb is a little too much especially on the piano in the second piece. It sounds like this is a duet for cello and piano so I would bring the piano more forward in the mix. This is obviously a personal preference and in no way detracts from the lovely work you weave here.

    Very enjoybale works! Thankyou Ari for sharing with us and WELCOME to the FORUM!!!
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    Re: New Tango, and a New-Romantic piece :)

    I like the first piece. It's original, and I like tango's. It's like a club-dance tango type song. I love the accordion. Welcome to the forum btw.
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    Re: New Tango, and a New-Romantic piece :)


    Welcome to the Garritan Forum.

    Listened to both of your pieces and found them very
    enjoyable. Actually, they are a good example of exciting

    I thought the Tango had a little too much reverb, but that's a
    subjective thing. The last piece had a lot of variety and the
    Cello sounded very well.

    Once again, welcome, and we hope to hear much more of your


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    Re: New Tango, and a New-Romantic piece :)

    Welcome to the Listening room. I enjoyed both pieces very much. I liked the drama of the second one. It is indeed a lovely duet. The cello sounds great. Thank you.
    Kind Regards

    Louis Dekker
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    Re: New Tango, and a New-Romantic piece :)

    Thank you for giving me so beautiful comments! It's really nice that you take the time to listen..

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    Re: New Tango, and a New-Romantic piece :)

    A very warm welcome to the forum, Ari!

    Loved the tango -- superbly done... as was the second
    piece... solid writing in both, and fine performance.

    Your renderings with the 'cello are impressive, my friend;
    truly a pleasure to the ear.

    I can tell easily from these two pieces that we're going
    to be hearing some great material from you, Ari. Keep it

    All the best,

    David Sosnowski

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    Re: New Tango, and a New-Romantic piece :)

    The tango is wonderfully synchopated. I love the classic arrangement, especially with the prominent accordion. The tune reminds me a little of Libertango.

    I would suggest working on the repetitive drum track, which, though not bad, is not as complex as a classic Latin rhythm section.

    Also, since the song is so delightful, it could easily be twice as long. That would allow room for a more extended crescendo and classic solo just before the refrain. I thought the piano was going to fill that role, but the part was too simple for a solo.

    VERY enjoyable. More!

    Nice three-part form in the cello piece. Yes, impressive rendering on the cello. But I agree with Rich, the impressive piano part is none theless subservient to the cello. If the piano were just an accompanyist, its part should be simpler. Otherwise it should be allowed to share the spotlight a little more.

    Be sure to let me know when you post more. I like your stuff.
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    Re: New Tango, and a New-Romantic piece :)

    Thank you Albert. Extremely constructive feedback I'm going to try to post some updated versions soon. And I'll let you know. I posted two more works, one of them for symphonic orchestra. I'm trying to become a good composer for symph orchestra. But it's hard. I will listen to Stravinski and try to start by writing some chambermusic..

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