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Topic: Akai usb ewi ARIA?

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    Akai usb ewi ARIA?

    Great that Garritan made a windcontroller soundbank for the akai ewi

    What sounds will be in there?
    Are there any sounddemos of the library actually played on an EWI?
    i would love to hear some.


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    Re: Akai usb ewi ARIA?

    I don't have the EWI USB but playing GPO 3rd Ed. with my wind controller can be very natural (especially with the wind instrument patches). It can even yield scarily realistic articulations. I'd be glad to send a mp3 your way if you wish.

    Patchman has a screen shot of ARIA in action and it shows woodwinds, brass, strings, pitched percussion and synthesizer as menu options:


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    Re: Akai usb ewi ARIA?

    News travels quick! I'll post an announcement on a separate thread and ask AKAI if there are any demos they have done.


    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Akai usb ewi ARIA?

    thanks Dave,

    i know of the patchman site.
    It would be great to hear a demo of you playing Garritan sounds using a windcontroller.
    stezster [at] gmail . com

    i like to thank you for creating a windcontroller specific library.
    I sure hope there is more to come from you for us windcontrollers.
    Can you tell us a bit more about the content of the library, specific details about why this is great for the EWI...
    That would be great.


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