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Topic: Somewhat OT: Finale 2008 users

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    Somewhat OT: Finale 2008 users

    Hey guys, I'd like to thank everyone for being so helpful on this forum. I would like to ask a favor to those of you who are familiar with Finale 2008!

    I have a project for one of my English classes that requires me to write a 15-page manual for some topic. I decided to make a quick-start guide to users of Finale 2008 with GPO. One of the requirements is to do some research, so this is it

    I would really appreciate it if those with experience with this program could just list some of the most commonly used features that you think should be included in a quick-start manual (a manual aimed at users unfamiliar with notation software).

    For an example, here is what I believe should be included:

    -How to create a new score with the setup wizard.
    -How to insert notes, rests, etc..
    -How to add articulations and expressions
    -How to use the smart shape tool
    -Basics on how to add instruments from the Garritan Library (using Kontakt Player)
    -How to manipulate the Garritan Ambience settings.

    I know a lot of these things are pretty rudimentary, but that's the idea of the manual. I'd really like to thank you guys in advance for your help on this topic and on everything else you have done.

    Now to work on my other 30 projects!
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    Re: Somewhat OT: Finale 2008 users

    WOW, you are going to cover all that in 15 pages?

    I really think you have covered most of the basics. As I look at your list, I see nothing that shouldn't be covered in the topics you have chosen. And I do really think you have most of what is needed in a startes manual.

    Good ideas there! and Good Luck...
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    Re: Somewhat OT: Finale 2008 users

    I agree this is a great topic to cover. I'll also agree with Rick and say that you are probably trying to fit 10 pounds of flour into a 5 pound bag. The risk is not giving enough detail because you run out of pages. I think there are two topics you could remove without losing quality: How to Use the Smart Shape Tool and the Garritan Ambience section.


    You could let the user figure out the setup Wizard on their own. (It is pretty fool-proof) That way you could add back in the smart shape section.

    Hope this helps!

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    Re: Somewhat OT: Finale 2008 users

    Thanks guys, yeah, that is a bit much to cover in 15 pages, especially considering the room all the screenshots and the like will take up.

    I'm trying to just give the gist of each topic so that a composer can just sit down and start well...coposing. Nothing's more of an inspiration-killer than trying to figure out a new program with nothing to work from except a 200 page manual.

    So yeah, I suppose I can cut down the Garritan Ambience and Setup Wizard to simply mention that they exist, and point the user in the right direction.

    The smart shape tool I plan on just showing how to use the crescendo/decrescendo shapes to give a general idea of how it works. Anything that I can't fit into the manual will be given one of those generic "go see this page in the humongous manual you are currently using as a paper weight" notes.

    Thanks for you help, LFO and RichR, I'd love to hear some more comments!
    Michael Obermeyer, Jr.
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