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Topic: Autumn: Updated

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    Autumn: Updated

    Hello everyone. I've added a new movement to Autumn, which some of you might remember.

    For those that read the last post, I have basically ignored everything I said I would do about this piece . I'm honestly not quite sure where I'm going with it. I'm thinking it's going to be a 3 or 5 movement piece. If it's 3, the 2 movements I have now will be short, while the third one is somewhat longer. If it's more along the lines of 5, it will be 5 short movements.

    My previous post has now become the 2nd movement of the suite, and the new part is something of an introduction to it. For those who didn't see my last post, these movements are simply based on moods autumn can put me in. The first movement (at least...first for now ) starts out with a piano solo at pianissimo (just to give you an idea of what volume it should be when it starts) and has a generally dark feel to it until the last 20 or so seconds. This is basically just an impression of how the impending winter would...i guess "sound" to me.

    The second movement is a bit lighter and focuses more on the idea of changing leaves being whisked through the gentle gusts of wind. It is a bit brighter than the first movement....

    Anyway, not really sure where I'm going with this next, so I won't try to forecast what to expect .

    Thanks for listening, and reading that mess!

    Autumn Suite Part I
    lo-fi URL: http://www.soundclick.com/util/getpl...d=7030002&q=lo
    hi-fi URL: http://www.soundclick.com/util/getpl...d=7030002&q=hi

    Autumn Suite Part II
    lo-fi URL: http://www.soundclick.com/util/getpl...d=6960881&q=lo
    hi-fi URL: http://www.soundclick.com/util/getpl...d=6960881&q=hi
    Michael Obermeyer, Jr.
    youtube channel
    soundclick page

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    Re: Autumn: Updated


    What happened there at 27 seconds in?

    I opened the second movement because I didn't finish reading what you had written and found it odd that it opened the same as your last one. Then I read what you wrote and it all made sense.

    At 1 minute 50, this is a really short movement. I guess if that is all you have to say then it has to stay as is. It seems to me though that you could take this farther if you so desired.

    Nice piece

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    Re: Autumn: Updated

    If at 27 seconds you're talking about it being rediculously quiet, it's because it's marked as "pppp." But, if you're talking about the strange effect where it almost sounds like a fp with a rapid crescendo (impossible for a sustained note on the piano ) Then I have no idea. I actually never noticed it until after I uploaded it, and listened to it louder than it's supposed to be played, haha...

    As for extending it, like I said, this by no means has any rhyme or reason to it, and I originally planned on making this movement much longer. It just seems everytime I make a fermata, I get a block and say, "Well, I guess this one's done!" But yes, I definitely like the idea of extending on this one. What will likely happen is this will be a prelude, then the first movement will extend on the theme I hinted at towards the end (in the French Horn and Bass Clarinet). This theme was actually originally written for a song I wrote...wow, 5 years ago! Doesn't seem like that long!

    But that theme does have a lot more to it, and I think I'd be short-changing it if I left it at that...so yes, you can expect an extension of this 1st movement (as well as some tweaks to what is already there), or a separate movement with this as a prelude.

    Thanks for the ideas!
    Michael Obermeyer, Jr.
    youtube channel
    soundclick page

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