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Topic: !@#$ Maarten!

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    !@#$ Maarten!

    Maarten, I heard a demo by Joel Streudler using your trumpets, and I was actually convinced by the trumpet sounds used, very realistic articulations, well done!! I\'m very hard to impress. One complaint though. It seems that the performance could be slightly tighter, and better in tune on the higher register. I may be just hearing things, so if you guys are in perfect tune, you can shoot me. Amen?

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    Re: !@#$ Maarten!

    Hey, I\'m glad you apparently enjoyed some of the music on my site . Just to be clear, I generally layer QLB\'s 3TP susMODfilter patch (with the mod wheel all the way up) on top of the SAM section. They compliment each other well and seem to yield a pretty nice fast-attacking, full bodied sound. Any inadequacies in the sound of the trumpets that you heard may well be due to my own inexpert sequencing abilities, but hey- the SAM sections are free, so grab em and play around with them! The trumpet effects patch thats included with the sections is in itself worth the download time.

    Maarten and his associates have certainly provided a very usable and attractive trumpet patch to anyone who wants it... and in fact his site also has a timpani patch you can download, as well. Quite the generous guy! I grabbed it yesterday and am likely to use it instead of the AO timp\'s (since I don\'t have LOP or UOP or any other percussion set at the moment). Imperfect or not, the free patches that he\'s offered are a great addition to anyone\'s orchestral emulation toolbox. If there\'s one thing I can\'t get enough of in regards to sample libraries, its variety! The more the merrier.

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    Re: !@#$ Maarten!

    JoelS I listened to your music.

    What is that modulating effect you\'re using on the trumpet samples? Sound very weird in my opinion! Is it for adding vibrato to the performance?

    Apart from this nice work!

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    Re: !@#$ Maarten!

    Hi Maarten,

    Hm, regarding the modulation, I didn\'t do anything in particular to the trumpets... so it\'s likely just a result of some error in how I sequenced the parts in question. Maybe some phase-y-ness from the layering of different samples. Can you point out in which track and time you hear this, or is it endemic to all my music?

    My main website seems to have ceased functioning today, so I threw those demo tracks up on my Zebox page at

    in case you need to hear them again. I also tossed together a comparison track of the trumpets (the \'Trumpet test\' file on the Zebox page) from 3 libraries playing the same line, in combination and solo (in case its a problem with phasing between the samples). In order, the little melody is played by

    1) the first SAM sustained patch
    2) SAM + QLB 3TPsusMODfilter
    3) SAM + QLB + DDSB Trumpet NV portato
    4) QLB + DDSB
    5) QLB
    6) DDSB

    Might provide an interesting comparison if nothing else.

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    Re: !@#$ Maarten!

    Thanks Joel. For someone like me not owning any libraries, this is a LOT of help to me. I don\'t think I need comparisons for Strings, but brass and woodwinds is definetely something I\'d like to see more, \"comparing,\" with.

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