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Topic: GPO / Kontakt and Cubase SE

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    GPO / Kontakt and Cubase SE

    Howdy folks.

    My first post here. I just recently purchased GPO Ver. 3.
    I really need some help here. I hope some of you can assist.

    I am having MAJOR issues with the Kontakt player for GPO in Cubase however.
    I have been using Cubase Se 1.0.7 for about 4 years now without any real issues. The GPO install went smoothly, HOWEVER;

    When I load the GPO into my VST instruments rack, the player comes up but several bizarre issues are really a mystery to me:
    1) Just about all menus ONLY respond to RIGHT mouse clicks. Wierd.
    2) I cannot adjust the Volume and Pan pots with my mouse, no matter what I do. They are completely frozen in place. Stuck.
    3) When I add the GPO player, it creates about 16 tracks in my mixer window. I don't need that many - why does it create so many, and how can I reduce them?
    4) I cannot select the output mixer tracks with my mouse(to highlight them in yellow as per the manual) at all. As such, I cannot delete any outputs.

    Entering notese into score, I can get it to play notes, but the Kontakt Player User interface seems completely out to lunch for me. Practicually unusable actually. It just seems like something is totally haywire.

    I have tried re-installing. I have upgraded to the latest version of Kontakt player also.

    My system is as follows:
    PowerMac G5 Dual 2GHz
    OSX Ver 10.4.10
    Cubase SE 1.0.7
    Audiofire 12 Audio Interface

    As a composer, I rely on my recording system as a "tool" - (read HATE to tweak my computer to get work done).
    This is one of the reasons I have never upgraded from SE 1.0.7 - it has been rock solid for me, and I have learned the hard way that sometimes upgrading can demolish my ability to make music.

    Does anyone have any suggestions to offer or any help? Please?



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    Re: GPO / Kontakt and Cubase SE

    If I am not mistaken, Kontakt2 is only compatable with Cubase v.2 and higher, and does not work properly with v.1. Check Cubase.net to confirm this.


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