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Topic: Garritan needs better reverb in Finale2009

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    Garritan needs better reverb in Finale2009

    The Garritan sounds built into Finale2009 use the ARIA player by Plogue instead of Kontakt's player. Something I regard as a massive step forward. Except the Aria player has no reverb apart from the the freeware "Ambience" reverb (see: http://www.smartelectronix.com/~magnus/).

    The Finale 2009a upgrade instals a revised version of "Ambience", that declares itself "Manufactured" by Garritan. Which is very nice EXCEPT for a major flaw. The new version contains no PRESET values. No nice pre-fab "Large Hall" or "Slap Studio" - or anything else.

    Even if you manage to twiddle all 21 variables (with around 1,000 steps each) into values that suit your purpose, you can't SAVE those values for later use. If you twiddle with them again they change irrevocably.

    Please Gary - give us some PRESETS!!!

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    Re: Garritan needs better reverb in Finale2009

    Doesn't anybody have the same feeling??? Since last May???

    Aria player is very nice, but on Macintosh/Finale09 fails to provide reverb presets. The Garritan website boasts about the Aria player but provides no detailed information about it except "Ambience Reverb".

    It'll be nice if (full) GPO also converts to Aria as has been promised elsewhere, but it will also be useless without the possibility of saving/recalling reverb preset conditions.

    (And to a previous poster ... Finale does not allow all VST/AU plugins to work, only a handful of specific permissible ones like "Ambience").

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