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Topic: Kontakt Aux....How?

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    Kontakt Aux....How?

    I'm running Logic 7 which i've configured for Aux's, when I open the Aux's in KP I get a vu reading but no output. Is there some sort of manual I can download for it?
    Anyone please!


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    Re: Kontakt Aux....How?

    Didn't we cover this in this thread?

    I was referring to Logic 8 in my answer there but it's a very similar process in v7 as far as I recall.

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    Re: Kontakt Aux....How?

    Sorry I did'nt see the first one for some reason!

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    Re: Kontakt Aux....How?

    Just checked, that post was about Logic 8 there's no + in the Aux of Logic 7.


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