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Topic: Ping: S4L et al

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    Ping: S4L et al

    Don't have the bread for it right now but I'm wondering ...

    What do you think of the idea of getting a laptop with a broken screen ($$$ savings) from Ebay and dropping it into a 1U rack along with the power supply, external drive, and whatever automatic power-on/off circuitry is needed?

    I'm thinking ASIO4ALL + Forte' + VST softsynths = 1U sound module

    If it was 12.5" LCD size there you could probably fit two and still be smaller than the typical server.


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    Re: Ping: S4L et al

    If the screen is broke, then does the seller really know if it works? How did it break? What else is broken?

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    Re: Ping: S4L et al

    Most laptops have an external video port that will continue to function if the screen is broken. Reasons for breakage are various - I've read explanations from the dog jumped in the person's lap when the laptop was there to being "sat on" to just getting knocked off the table.


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    Re: Ping: S4L et al

    Buy a used 1U for peanuts on ebay.
    Then buy 2 x ITX motherbaords from Supermicro for a dual PC in a 1U. They are 6.7" x 6.7" generally.
    I use a 1U QWERTY w/ a 4 Port KVM switcher to run 2 x 4U DAW's.
    I was shocked at my buddy's DIY 1U that does the same amount of VST work w/ a 2 port KVM 1U QWERTY.
    He runs Kontackt on both of them and it has twice the power of the new SM PRO AUDIO V RACK, which is a great way to avoid the 64bit farce.

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    Re: Ping: S4L et al



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    Re: Ping: S4L et al

    Not sure I'd want to try getting all that wired up without blowing it all up. Thats not for the faint hearted. I've made 5 PC now but sorting out the bits separately WOW
    Things may come and things may go but the art school dance goes on forever
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    Re: Ping: S4L et al

    We have a builder who has all of the tools necessary to make ITX, mATX and eATX fit any chassis.
    Same thing with my truck, when I want the oil changed, I take it to a pro.
    Besides it's nice to have somebody to blame other than myself.

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    Re: Ping: S4L et al

    In my previous life I wirewrapped up a 6809 (Motorola) based drum machine. That's pin to pin on the chips themselves, no motherboards involved. It was roughly the same power as a Radio Shack Coco but with midi and an LCD display instead of video. Embedded computers is what I used to do for a living. I assemble and maintain all my computers and unless there are warranty issues I repair all my electronics. I'd still have to read up some more on ITX motherboards to understand all the parameters but I think I can handle putting one in a box.


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