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Topic: Altering Pitch Bend Range in Kontakt2

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    Altering Pitch Bend Range in Kontakt2

    How do you alter pitch bend range in K2? Can't find anything anywhere...
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    Re: Altering Pitch Bend Range in Kontakt2

    Hi. I use K3 but think it is the same for K2..Make sure to clik the keyboard icon so you see the keyboard. At bottom left beneath the pitch wheel you drag up or down in the box below it to change the pitch range..JON

    OOps not what you asked..Sorry..J

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    Re: Altering Pitch Bend Range in Kontakt2

    Source module | Pitch Bend modulation | Curves button (to the right of the intensity slider) | Active. Left-click in the curve window to draw a non-straight curve, right-click to draw a straight curve. Remember to first select (check) the groups, you want to be affected.

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