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Topic: Where can I get Purrfect Drums??

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    Where can I get Purrfect Drums??

    Anyone know the answer to this? It doesn\'t pop up on any search engine unlike most other sample libs. Can someone give me their opinion on it?
    I\'m basically after a sample library which sets up a bunch of kits (e.g. jazz, rock, pop, ???) along the keyboard much like the old synth modules used to do so that I can set up a drum map in cubase.
    This is another area of personal preference, but if anyone can suggest a better sample library I\'d be interested also?
    How many disks does it come on? It\'s quite large isn\'t it?

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    Re: Where can I get Purrfect Drums??

    Purrrfect Drums is a great set of sampled drums.

    Bardstown Audio

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