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Topic: Lute samples

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    Lute samples

    looking for Lute Samples ive checked PostMusical Instruments..nothing there...anyone recommend a company..any baroque afficiandos here....thanks

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    Re: Lute samples

    BOB Early Music from Bolder Sound:

    13 course Baroque Lute 42.3 mb
    Fortepiano 53.5mb
    Harpsichord (numerous stops recorded) 20 mb
    Hurdy Gurdy 10.5 mb
    Renaissance Guitar 6.1 mb
    Renaissance Lute 11 mb
    Theorbo (bass lute) 62 mb * EXS & Kontakt only *
    Anders Dahnielson

    Ardour2, Qtractor, LinuxSampler, M-AUDIO Delta 1010, AKAI S2000, E-MU Proteus 2k, Roland JX-10, 4GB RAM Intel Pentium Dual CPU E2160 @ 1.80GHz Gentoo Linux 64 bit

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    Re: Lute samples

    Thanks Anders ... a fabulous Baroque Lute....

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    Re: Lute samples

    And there was also some other instruments and great unique sounds that sounded quite usable. Good site! Thanks for the tip.
    Passion for Sound

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    Re: Lute samples

    That Baroque Lute sounds absolutely fantastic! (without that chorus ). I'd buy it but for now I prefer the classical guitar

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