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Topic: Problem with Finale Playback

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    Problem with Finale Playback

    I have just started trying Finale 2009 and have an orchestral loaded using the Garritan instruments supplied as part of Finale.

    When I tell it to start playing from a measure other than 1, or I skip measures more than about a dozen times, it crashes completely.

    Has anyone seen this behaviour?

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    Re: Problem with Finale Playback

    I've not experienced this Alan. See my signature for my system specs. Are you using Garritan in KontaktPlayer or Kontakt? I load everything in Kontakt 2.

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    Re: Problem with Finale Playback

    Thanks for the reply Kevin. I have Kontakt 2 as well as KP2, but I was using ARIA - he engine supplied with teh samples supplied.

    I certainly could switch to full GPO through Kontakt and see how that goes.



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    Re: Problem with Finale Playback

    Hi Alan,
    I now have the new version of Finale, 2009, but have not had that happen. There is an update out called 2009a, maybe that will help... if you haven"t got that yet.

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    Re: Problem with Finale Playback

    I've been rather disappointed with the playback in 09. That being said, I have yet to mess around with the new 09a update, but playback with VST, ARIA, or a combo of both caused the playback to be somewhat erratic and rather uneven metrically. Hopefully that was resolved with the update, but when I called in to talk with tech support, I came away with the distinct feeling that I knew far more about their product than they did. First time I have been that disappointed in MM since I started using their product... in 1992.

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