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Topic: Using RMX Multi Channel: A Few Questions??

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    Using RMX Multi Channel: A Few Questions??

    I watched the Video Tutorial "Using Separate Outputs".

    When I change the outputs A-H for parts 1-8 respectivley and then select a new Multi patch the output assignments revert back to default (output A) for all 8 parts. Is there a way I can have the output assignments keeps my changes, or do I have to change them each time i select a new Multi?


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    Re: Using RMX Multi Channel: A Few Questions??

    Okay I'm in os 10.4.10. logic 7.2.3

    Hmmm I had this all working, except for the outputs reverting their assignments when I select another Multi.

    Now for some reason I can't get any audio from RMX on B-H outputs my my Aux's. Only get audio from output A now.

    This is bit strange that it was working and when I was browsing sounds in a Multi it just stopped outputing sound from RMX on outputs B-H.

    Yikes killed it. LOL

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    Re: Using RMX Multi Channel: A Few Questions??

    Okay went back and watched the video again a few times. At the point where he changes the channel on part 2 to output on "B" and says you can still hear it from channel "A" until you physically assign it on the Aux input to Stylus RMX 3-4, then it outputs through the Aux on the video.

    For me I simply don't get the same behavior. When I assign it to Stylus RMX 3-4 on my Aux 1 channel I get no audio from part 2 RMX "B", and I don't hear it through "A" anymore. Maybe a problem with Logic? Yuk!

    Does it matter the Aux Midi chan?

    Anyone here successfully using RMX Multi out's into multiple Aux channels in Logic 7?

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    Re: Using RMX Multi Channel: A Few Questions??

    There's an item similar to this in the FAQs at support.spectrasonics.net under "Logic Issues".

    - Glenn

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    Re: Using RMX Multi Channel: A Few Questions??

    Thanks Glenn,

    There's a bit more going on under the hood than I expected.

    After watching and reading everything I think I've got it figured out. It's quite simple to set up actually. I'm seeing some cool possibles running it in Mutli channel. Both stereo and Multi have their pro's. Very cool....

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