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Topic: Ministry of Rock

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    Ministry of Rock

    Are there any Minstry of Rock users out there using this library? If so, do you recommend buying it?

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    Re: Ministry of Rock

    I'm a user. I have mixed feeling about it.

    I don't like the basses. First, most of the articulations are picked. While the majority of the harder rock bassists play with picks, most of the best ones play with their finger. Even in metal I personally prefer the sound of the finger attacks. Second, the round robin of the picking, while it sound "realistic" somehow, feels wrong. It does way too much up down picking, while most of the rock basists will generally play down picking, except when playing noticeably faster parts. I did try the MOR basses in some of my projects, but I always end up replacing them by other bass libraries.

    The guitars are good. I really don't know why but, while the round robin picking feels wrong with the MOR basses, it is right with the guitars. The guitars sound very realistic, if you are willing to spend the time programming them. I have 2 thing I don't enjoy tho. 1) Having separate "banks" for power cords articulations and single notes. Because of that you have to create 2 lines, which is time consuming. 2) The "automatic" legato samples are triggered way too easily. This makes programming harder.

    The Drums. They sound great, especially the black kit. They are super easy to program and give very good results right away.

    So, it depends on what you are looking for and what kind of music you are making. Especially if you have Kontakt, I suggest that you also look for individual instruments libraries, made by other developpers. Some of the bass and guitar libraries made by "smaller" developpers are very good too and reasonably priced.

    Anyway, MOR is good. I did not regret the money spent on it, but it is not the kind of library that blows me away use after use.

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    Re: Ministry of Rock

    Have both of you checked out Musiclab Real Strat?

    I think it sounds amazing and very dynamic just like it's accoustic brother and combining it with virtual-amps and virtual-effects like Amplitube or NI-Guitarrig I can make about any guitar sound. ( hybrid synth just rules )
    Real Strat does automatic Fretnoise/release/pick automatically according to the circumstances, does MinistryOfRock have this aswell? ( and not to mention the pickup selector)

    Also I wanted to ask a MoR user how the basses compare to libraries that are focused on bass only, for example to libraries like Scarbee J-Slap & Fingered.

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    Re: Ministry of Rock

    As I said before, MoR Basses are not great.

    I haven't tried Scarbee basses, since I need basses that can go down to low B. My understanding is that Scarbee basses are 4 strings basses, not 5. I would be more than happy to hear a 5 string version of scarbee basses.

    I do use Orange tree sample bass (Cherry Corebass). Super easy to use, have some nice release sample, the round robin is very good, The EQ modification based on velocity is surprisingly good, etc. This IS a library that blows me away use after use.

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    Re: Ministry of Rock

    Hi hivernal,

    all the scarbee bass have a B, C, C#, D, and D# notes. they have not been sampled (as the bass used was only 4 strings), and the notes have certainly been time scretched from the E low string. it sounds fine here, and worth the money !
    i don't like the bass of ministry of rock too, and i use now all the time Red bass from scarbee who sounds terrific .

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    Re: Ministry of Rock

    I am SO glad I am not the ONLY person that does not like MOR basses ) I acutally complained on the forum about them.. I liked the Hardcore "demo" included witht the basses better. I am so freakin picky with bass samples for some reason. I have them all except for Chris Hein and Majestic. But I have freinds that have them. My favorite two are Cherry Corebass and Scarbee Red Bass!! They just seem to fit and play easy. The Chris Hein was all over the place when I tried it and I couldnt make it sound like I wanted. Although I like the realism of it. Majestic sounded to dull to me. I think Core Bass still needs some work, but it is the closest to the old faithful Red Bass. Also, black bass is incredible but I couldnt get it to sit well in a mix either.. Ok, enough of the bass stuff. MOR guitars are GREAT!! LOve them ) I also still think Lyrical Distortion is hard to beat. Anyway, I use Mor guitars or Lyrical Distorton, Steven Slate Drums, Scarbee Red Bass or Cherry Corebass to do all my pop/rock stuff )))

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    Re: Ministry of Rock

    I do have Majestic. I don't think Majestic basses are dull, they are just too long to program to get realistic lines, especially when you have repeated notes. The new libraries, like CoreBass, are way faster to program and you get a decent result right away.

    I do have also one of the Lyrical Distortion guitars. I agree, both MoR and LD guitars are great. However, I find that LD are easier to program. Having the single notes and powercords in the same sound bank save quite a lot of time. Plus, I feel that LD guitars are a bit more precise.

    This is probably why I have a mixed feeling about MoR. It is a good library, but its basses are bad, so you have to get additional basses libraries anyway. Moreover, for the price, you can get a certain amount of libraries from smaller developpers, like Lirical Distortion, Music Lab, Orange Tree sample and Scarbee to achieve equivalent results...

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