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Topic: Control midi instruments on live stage play performance

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    Control midi instruments on live stage play performance

    Most instrumental sample library seems getting so fat, lots of loops, phrases .
    To take fully arrange in midi project alway need to use lots channel tracks.
    And it is very difficult to take control sound expressions when playing
    on live stage.

    In my opinion, it is possible to have complex structure filter editing by using
    soft samplers such like Kontakt, using scrip languages and good filter structure
    editing to take control wide range of expression change.

    The video example that i found from Youtube is a keyboard player play
    Chinese zither midi instrument, only using mod controller and assignable
    controller function to simulate different Chinese zither technic skill sound.


    The sound programmer seems focus on instrument not just for midi project only,
    it intend to be play as part of live stage virtual instrument as possible.

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    Re: Control midi instruments on live stage play performance

    I agree on the size of newer VSTis and GVI's and extreme amount of articulations, but I have a great workaround.
    Besides, channels and tracks are no problem, but having to use one hand to control a performance, or showing the audience your dorriere as you stare at your LCD is Bush League IMHO.
    In the video the performer has to stop using his hand to use the controller for adjustments, no difference than wasting a talented left hand to press a note for a keyswitch. Both are unnecessary and can be avoided by assigning a foot pedal or footswitch.
    Brainspawn Forte I believe allows this, but I prefer the stability of hardware, and need 8 x foot controllers. Sounds extreme but is quite necessary and simple.
    I do not need all of the keyswitches but choose the important ones so I can use both hands. One for the comp, the other for keyswitched solos or sections.
    For example I just installed Chris Hein Horns Volume 2.0, and it does have an extreme amount of riffs and articulations. I will play my own riffs ankyuvarymush, but there are a few that have piqued my interests, and I actually think loop playing is jive. But these are recorded quite well and I shall reconsider my previous position on it's use.
    But using 6 x footswitches I can swell, shake, stacatto, vibrato, fall, rise, riff or pop whenever I want.
    I like the Zither as I have a few myself, Wavelore has an excellent GVI, and the instrument above looks to be excellent also.
    Look into attaching note ons to pedals using a MIDISolutions FP8 for better live control, you might be surprised at how hardware can make software more controllable.
    Well that's how they do it on the big jobs anyway.

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