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Topic: Legato as a Modulation Source??

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    Legato as a Modulation Source??

    Having great fun using Omnisphere - particularly impressed with the intuitive way the Mod Matrix works, but one thing is baffling me...

    'Legato' appears in the list of available Mod sources. Now while I fully understand what Legato means in terms of playing technique, what I don't understand is how it can be used as a 'variable' Modulation source. I've tried using it to modulate several different destinations such as Osc Pitch, Filter Cutoff etc. but can't hear any effect e.g. when switching between Legato and non-Legato playing - am I missing something here?

    Can anyone at Spectrasonics, or on the forum, please explain how Legato is used as a Mod source?

    Thanks for listening!

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    Re: Legato as a Modulation Source??

    From the reference guide, modulation sources:

    "Legato – The value from a MIDI Legato Pedal (MIDI CC#68)"

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    Re: Legato as a Modulation Source??

    Thanks Dreamkeeper.
    Missed that one in the Ref guide - now I understand!

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