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Topic: Use old PC with Mac

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    Smile Use old PC with Mac

    Hey everyone,
    I made the jump last year and bought an iMac to replace my PC. I have a bunch of VI's on my PC that I would like to use. My question is this: Is there any way to hook my PC up to my Mac in order to use the VI's that I have the hard disk? Thanks everyone!


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    Re: Use old PC with Mac

    Hi Lee,

    Surprised nobody answered. I did this many years ago the simple way-two midi/audio interfaces and midi sent one way and audio the other by spdif. If you sync the machines with one as master and the other as slave (via the spdif) it will work well. Back in those days I even had a lexicon acting as an intermediary providing reverb along the way. If you need more than 2 channels of audio get interfaces with multiple digital IO. You can use a vst host on the PC (Bidule, forte.....).

    These days the midi can be handled by midi over lan if you have a local network. I do not think that there are any midi/audio over network solutions that also work across platforms, but I may be wrong (check out FXTeleport as an example). Wormhole was another.

    Good luck


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    Re: Use old PC with Mac


    is a free VST plug for MAC/PC which connects any DAW running a VST host program via you home ethernet LAN

    It's so easy and cool
    I have Atmosphere running on Nuendo on my Alienware Laptop feeding the sounds to a channel on my Mac Pro running cubase 4.

    Totally free open source application.

    Now just gotta find a free midi over ethernet to sync

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