A big hello! My Problem:
Omnisphere data folder is on a different partition than "C" to prevent loss, because I did several hours of tagging the presets according to MY taste, at least giving the ones I found usefull for my music a newly created "favorite"-tag.
Few days ago my windows crashed after bios update and I had to build up a new XP from scratch. I renamed the old Omnisphere folder to "Qmnisphere", installed the first DVD to the same path as before, then deleted the new folder and named my original folder back to "Omnisphere".
Normally, the new Omnisphere installation should have been like it always was, because it referred to the same folder as always. Only difference: most of the new tags were gone!! A new created author tag "Sid" for my own creations was still there like my own presets, but several "type tags" including my "favorite" tag was gone! What went wrong? Do I have to rehearse the whole presets again and tag them again? and why?