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Topic: THOMAS!!!!

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    Sorry for the yell-age. On your peice the great plains, what did you use for the flute runs near the beginning? It sounds too cool. TELL ME, I\'M DYING!

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    Re: THOMAS!!!!

    Perhaps I shouldn\'t speak for Thomas, but as you\'re in a dying situation...

    His flutes are runs from AO. The Flute Phrases (1 or add).


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    Re: THOMAS!!!!

    Maarten, thanks for coming to the rescue
    Yes, Aaron, they are (if i remember correctly) a blend of AO\'s piccolo runs and flute runs, timestretched and eq\'ed.


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    Re: THOMAS!!!!

    Timestretched ey? Nice!

    Didn\'t know that one!

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    Re: THOMAS!!!!

    Oh poo. I was hoping maybe a playable flute run. I think what you\'re saying is a pre-recorded run stretched to fit the specific phrase, correct?

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    Re: THOMAS!!!!

    Of course you could play it too. Wouldn\'t sound as good though. Less work however.


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