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Topic: audio setup/help please

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    audio setup/help please

    I hope you guys won't think I'm one of those people who just won't do the required reading - I'm just completely boggled by things I've invested money in, have very little time at the mo to actually use, but would very much like to use/learn and get into. I hope there is something a bit like music beyond all the computer-language that keeps throwing me.

    I'm stuck at what seems ought to be a very basic thing. I believe I'm trying to setup the Kontact Player, but I might not be - I just don't get any of it. I'm at "Audio setup", and I have a choice of Interface: Asio, Direct Sound and Multimedia. I don't know what either of these are. I've got a Sony Vaio laptop and and edirol ua-25 interface. I want to control gpo with an m-audio keystation (via usb), and use it in Sonar, which I can't for the life of me control either, but that's for another desperate post, in another forum. Second choice is sample rate. Yah. .. Third is output device, which actually, if I leave the rest on Asio an 44000, shows edirol 25-ua, a name I at least recognise. If I leave those settings though, and click ok, it says ”you have to set at least a valid audio interface. Try again?” .. In the audio setup window, from Soundcard, which is what I described above, you can also go over to Midi, and there you have a choice of Microsoft Wavetable synth, on or off, in Output interface.The Input interface window doesn't say anything. I haven't connected any of my stuff – the controller or the edirol ua-25, because in the step before this, the installation, it said quit all applications, and since, nothing has said ”now connect”.

    Am I too much of an illiterate in this area to ever get any use out of the stuff I've bought? How do you get to the point where you grasp these things, which I reckon are the most basic of things, before the hard work even begins? Do you play with computers a lot growing up? I'm not a native English speaker, but still.. Not a complete idiot in other areas..

    Needless to say, any help would be oh so appreciated.

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    Re: audio setup/help please

    Hi -

    Gonna try to at least point you in the right direction to at least explore further problem solving of your situation. There are lots of variables and unknowns that might need to be addressed first.

    First. . . . I know that you may not want to hear this advice, BUT: Do some "required reading" if you haven't done so already. I say this with respect. Think of it as an investment in time. Read the basics in computer-based recording/sequencing. The reading should include computer and audio & midi device configuration(s) for recording/sequencing. Google this. There are plenty of web sites (maybe even including this one) that have all sorts of FREE information on this. Include the manuals in your reading. Read the manuals for Sonar, Edirol, M-Audio and especially your computer.

    Second. . . . More information is required in order to help problem-solve your situation. What is the operating system of your laptop? Is is XP or Vista? What type of hard disk drive does your laptop drive? If it is a 5400 RPM type of drive, it may not be fast enough for audio recording and the use of software-based instrumental libraries. You might need to invest in a external hard disk drive with 7200 RPM. How much RAM does your computer have? Usually, it is suggested that the minimum amount of RAM would be 2 GB's. What version SONAR do you have?

    Cakewalk, which produces SONAR, has an active support bulletin board like this one. Users with similar set-ups may be able to help you with yours. Here's a link to their web site: Cakewalk Forums.

    Native-Instruments, which produces the Kontakt 2 Player, also has an active bulletin board. Here is their web site: Native-Instruments Forums. They even have a Forum dedicated to assist users with their computer set-ups!!

    Finally, here's a web-site dedicated to computer-based recording and sequencing: KVR Audio There is LOTS and LOTS of information on getting a person, who is new to all of this, up and running.

    I am sure that other people here (and elsewhere) will be able to help you here as well. Me? I am not familiar with Edirol products. Also, I do not know the quality of their audio devices and software drivers. Nor do I know the quality of SONY laptop computers. There very well may be significant issues with anyone of these products.

    A few points to consider: If at all possible, use the ASIO settings of your audio device. Make sure that all of your drivers to your audio and midi devices are up to date. Research and make sure that the audio and midi device drivers work well with your operating system. Some do, some don't! (I've been reading that many drivers do not work well with the Vista operating system.).

    Be patient! You will understand all of this but it will take some time. Probably the fastest way to help yourself in understanding all of this would be to crack open those manuals and read their "Set-up" sections! Me? I am a person who generally lets his manuals gather dust. Admittedly, though, even I had to crack open the manuals to get my computer-based audio/sequencing system up and running! LOL!

    Good luck!

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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