Thought I would pass this on, since I recall a few people had some crashes with the last version of VSampler: Last week, I was loading a small sample set (20 megs) using dfd and 240 polyphony, but was still getting cpu spikes and eventual freezes after a few minutes of playing chords. At first I thought that I had too many envelopes and modulations, or that my system was somehow set up wrong. Then I remembered that VSampler automatically assigns the current instrument in a library to all of the channels, so I thought I'd try going to the Midi page and emptying all of the channels except the one I needed. That resolved the problem--my system was getting overloaded by trying to send out the same signal to all of the channels, (Not sure why.)Sending it out on one stereo channel, which is all I need, everything is fine. No cpu spikes, no freezes.

But I still have a problem from long ago--not being able to send several instruments to the same channel or to play multiple channels simultaneously through my Tascam US-144. I don't want to play back multiple midi recordings--I want to be able to play two instruments live as a way of combining groups\layers instead of creating Selection groups, as VSampler calls them, from the Zones page. I've tried setting it up in Reaper and Cantabile lite, which I prefer for its simplicity, but without luck. I guess I could use a midi router or Bourne's midi program, but I wish I didn't have to open and keep track of an additional program. If anyone has run across a simple solution in VSampler, please do let me know... (Sometimes I envy SampleTank users, who can easily send all of the instruments to one channel, but I need more controls.)