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Topic: JABB is registered but won't load

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    JABB is registered but won't load - fixed

    Hi. I have Garritan's GPO, JABB, Strad and Gofriller.
    I load the K2 player (into Samplitude or SX3) and have instant access to all four libraries. Only the JABB has a problem. None of the multis or instruments will load:
    "The patch you're trying to load cannot be used with this application"

    If I try the patch in Kontakt (
    "The content you are trying to load is not registered! (Please be sure to start the application that came with the content at least once)."

    I'd appreciate any suggestions to get JABB working.
    I'm a total beginner with these libraries (and Kontakt) so maybe I'm missing something obvious.


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    Re: JABB is registered but won't load

    Hi Dave,

    Try doing a reinstall of JABB and using the latest version of NI's Service Center to activate the product. Uninstall Service Center along with JABB, and do not install the service center application found on the disc. The new version can be downloaded from the Native Instruments site. If you are running Vista, run all of these programs as an administrator (right-click on the program and go to the security/compatibility window and check the Run as Admin box).

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    Re: JABB is registered but won't load - fixed

    Thanks for replying Reegs.
    I uninstalled NI SS and installed the latest from a download. All Garritan products were automatically recognized as registered
    No difference when trying to load JABB multis.

    Now I've run WinXP's "add/remove" to uninstall JABB.
    However, most of the JABB files & folders are still present. I'll manually delete these, and re-install JABB.


    Whew! It's working. Time to riff
    thanks again

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