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Topic: New headphones needed - any suggestions?

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    New headphones needed - any suggestions?

    My beloved AKG K 240 DF headphones have died after fifteen years of use (and some abuse by several of my children!). No amount of soldering the joints have been able to solve the symptoms they have been giving me, and seeing as it's near Christmas, I was going to put some new ones on my "wish" list. Any suggestions as to what models to look at first? I will be going to a music store soon to do some listening tests, I just wanted some ideas as to what models to watch (or "watch out!") for.



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    Re: New headphones needed - any suggestions?

    I have the Senn HD280 Pros. They're flat and natural, and have reasonable rejection of outside sounds. They go for about $100, and are a good solution for "midnight mixing" or working when you need to shut out the noisy world. (And yeah, it's better to mix on monitors, but that's another topic...)

    For general listening though, check out some open Grados. They're more comfortable and "prettier" sounding than the Senns.

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    Re: New headphones needed - any suggestions?

    I love my Sennheiser HD650s Ironically, I have just received a replacement cable for mine - I am hoping that explains why I am only hearing them through one ear at the moment.

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    Re: New headphones needed - any suggestions?

    Im also looking for some new headphones for the midnight mixing so great timing with the new thread!

    At present i have my eye on the AKG K 141 MKII headphones. Can anyone vouch for these or suggest an alternative high quality flat response set for around £80?

    Thanks guys

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    Re: New headphones needed - any suggestions?

    re: AKG headphones - At one point, and I'm not sure if this is still the case, you could ship your headphones back to AKG for a free repair. The only cost to you was for shipping. You might want to check and see if that's still the case.

    FWIW, I use the K240DF model and haven't found anything more comfortable, personally. THey get old after three or four hours of continual wear, but that's too much for any one sitting I think.
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    Re: New headphones needed - any suggestions?


    I have come to really like my Beyerdynamic DT 770 pro. I like the closed sound & the response seems to be pretty flat.

    You can look at a specsheet here.

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    Re: New headphones needed - any suggestions?

    I've had AKG K271's for ages and they are really good. Closed though. I've also tried Sennheisers open headphones (those that cost around 400 euros), they were half open and were REALLY good.

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    Re: New headphones needed - any suggestions?

    I have been use the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro phones and they are very comfortable and work well for me.
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    Re: New headphones needed - any suggestions?

    Closed and half open headphones - whats the difference? what effect does it have and are particularly suited to different situations?

    thanks for all the recommendations guys. If anyone thinks 'yeah, those are good headphones' when a particular set is mentioned, please say so, as would be good to know how recommended each model is....


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    Re: New headphones needed - any suggestions?

    We have a couple Sony MDR-7506's here.
    Nice and comfy, and can go all day long without much ear fatigue.
    We also have a Senn HD280pro, but the Sony's seem to be used the most.

    Since you're already accustomed to the AKG K240 DF, perhaps another K240 would do the ticket? (I have no idea the difference between one K240 to another, wouldn't seem like it would be that huge of a difference)

    I would consider these three the top contender's to look at, as they are the same price at $99. You couldn't go wrong with any of them.

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