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Topic: Is it me or Omnisphere ??

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    Is it me or Omnisphere ??

    Problem 1)

    Load in multi mode the eric persing patch : I sing the body electric.

    Go to the mixer in multi mode and add a patch on place 4 .

    The patch load but does not give no additional sound.

    Mute 1,2 and 3 from the eric persing patch, place 4 no ginving sound ??

    Problem 2)

    After loading this patch go to stack view in multi mode.

    When i press note C3 on my keyboard, the note C4 on the pianoroll goes down instead of C3.

    There is no tramspose on my keyboard ???

    Anyone a solution ??

    Thanks in advance

    Greets from the netherlands

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    Re: Is it me or Omnisphere ??

    Your first problem has happened to me too.

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    Re: Is it me or Omnisphere ??

    re: Problem 1)

    Go to Stack page, right-click the lane you want to add your patch to and choose "Add part 4 - [patch name]". I suggest you check out the tutorial video about Stack mode.

    re: Problem 2)

    There's no standard for numbering octaves. Some use C3 for middle C (MIDI note# 60), some C4 or even C5 (Sonar). You can change this in Omnisphere by going to the Live zoom page and setting "Key select display format" to "C3 is 60".


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    Re: Is it me or Omnisphere ??

    Thank you dreamkeeper.

    Still missing a good detailed manual

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    Re: Is it me or Omnisphere ??

    Quote Originally Posted by paulifra View Post
    Still missing a good detailed manual
    In the works...Big update to the manual/Reference Guide coming in the next Patch Library update.

    For now, be sure to watch those video tutorials, because they contain a lot of important info.

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