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Topic: Maybe I was wrong?

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    Maybe I was wrong?

    I have always been a fan of less programming. Sample the instrument properly and very little programming is needed. That may be true in theory, but sometimes programming can save your *** , as I just found out. The update to Voices of the Apocalypse is a vast improvement. Dave Govett programmed TONS of crossfade patches and I am adding lots of expression as well as editing the new consonants, which include chromatically sampled pitched consonants. I may also include a couple other goodies that I was saving for VotA 2. I am not sure yet. The upgrade is free and hopefully will be available in a week. VotA now covers both ends of the spectrum really well.

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    Re: Maybe I was wrong?

    Interesting.. I dont have VOTA (yet?), but keep improving it and I might buy it hehe VOTA2 - will that be boys choir only or what?

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    Re: Maybe I was wrong?

    >>>>which include chromatically sampled pitched consonants<<<<



    And the crossfades I already know are going to be a plus, since I wanted to do them in the first place!! hehheh

    KingIdiot<-----first in line when you announce it!

    Nick, I\'ve jsut E-mailed you. please check you mail and get back to me.

    Really...I am an Idiot

    [This message has been edited by KingIdiot (edited 02-06-2002).]

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    Re: Maybe I was wrong?

    Thank you, Nick.

    Shut up King, I was first in line (Pushing king down a few steps...klunk, bang, ooouch)


    Are the updates on CD?

    Francis Belardino

    Composer/Sound Designer

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    Re: Maybe I was wrong?

    PS. Yes, add the goodies, Nick!

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    Re: Maybe I was wrong?

    Wanted to bump this up. This is great news for VOTA users.

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    Re: Maybe I was wrong?

    Now this is interesting. I respect someone who admits he doesn\'t know everything. I may buy this library now. It would be nice to hear a new demo using the updated programming.

    I think that it is important for Sample Developers to think in terms of \"capturing\" an instrument or groups of instruments. And if possible, creating just a few Performance files so that you don\'t need 16 Midi channels just to make the choices available in real time.It is difficult to translate too much Midi data layering into a polished Music Score.

    In short, Giga needs a lot more dimensions.

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    Re: Maybe I was wrong?

    Forgive me if this has been covered before. I\'m planning on buying VOTA in the next couple days. Where does that leave me with the upgrade? Is it a CD? Who will provide it? Does it matter who you bought the original from? On a slightly different note, Nick: what specifically will VOTA 2 have? When will that be out and will there be a discount for VOTA owners?

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    Re: Maybe I was wrong?

    Right now I am concentating on making VotA 1 the best it can be. The upgrade will be on an additional cd which will be free and available from East West soon. I don\'t know about shipping charges. How would you guys feel about a 24 bit 44.1 version? The VotA upgrade will also include one all new angels patch ( expressive oh with crescendo and decrecendo) and some all new demonic men patches, which are cool, but kind of an experiment. VotA 2 will not be done for quite some time and will be large and eclectic. It won\'t be any competition for this library. I have no idea about pricing.

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    Re: Maybe I was wrong?


    D\'idgya get my E-mail Nick? Curious to know what you thought.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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