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Topic: Need help: Omnisphere problem

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    Need help: Omnisphere problem

    Spectrasonics tech support hasn't been able to figure this one out for me yet, so I'm putting it out there in the event someone else can help.

    Omnisphere stopped working for me recently, and instead of pulling up the usual window, pulled up a window that looked like this (showing the RMX window here -- both apps stopped working and showed this):

    What prompted this was loading a Logic Autoload file that Spec. tech support sent to try and fix another Omnisphere problem I was having. After opening that autoload, my Omnisphere window looked like the RMX image above: no text, just squares.

    Today I reinstalled Omnisphere and RMX. RMX works again, although it has wiped out all of my EXP Libraries and all of the User Libraries and User Favorites that I had. Even when opening up old Logic files that used RMX, I get error messages saying that those sounds can't be found.

    I've repaired disk permissions and rescanned both audio units, to no avail. My questions are:

    1) how do I get Omnisphere to work instead of showing squares in place of text?
    2) is there a .dat file somewhere on my Mac that will turn my current "empty" version of RMX into the previous version of RMX, which contained all of my converted REX files, user libraries, etc?


    Mr. Kerry Muzzey

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    Re: Need help: Omnisphere problem

    I can only help answer #2

    RMX looks for samples (core library, expansions, user converted rex files, etc) in a SAGE folder.

    This is set at: User > Library > Applications support > Spectrasonics > Sage

    The Core library is in the Sage folder: Sage > Stylus RMX > Core library
    Expansions are in the Sage folder: Sage > Sage Libraries > Exp Libraries
    User / Converted rex files are in the Sage folder: Sage > Sage Libraries > User Libraries

    Before you re-installed (RMX) all your expansions and user files would be within this Sage folder at the above location (check the contents).
    UNLESS you had moved the SAGE folder to a different location than the above. You can do this (on a mac) by manually moving the folder (say to a 2nd drive), making an alias of this Sage folder (after moving) and placing the alias (edited to SAGE) within: User > Library > Applications support > Spectrasonics

    IF you had moved this folder then your files should be intact. Unless If you have deleted or overwritten this folder then... ah sry

    Spotlight your drives for SAGE folders.
    Mac PPC 2ghz dual, 1.67 ghz PPC 17" lappy, Samson 65a, Logic 8.01 (dont use), Live 8.05 suite (dont fix what aint broke), Skull collection & Howling dogs.

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    Re: Need help: Omnisphere problem

    Arafel, thanks for that tip. Spectrasonics actually came to my rescue with the same tip -- I didn't realize that all of those libraries were still there, just not pointing to the right place -- so putting an Alias of the SAGE folder into that path brought everything back.

    The Omnisphere issue might be a simple font problem according to Spectrasonics. I'm trying to find my OS install disks to reinstall the fonts... God only knows where I put them when I moved 6 months ago! But when I figure out the fix for that one, I'll be sure to post it.


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    Re: Need help: Omnisphere problem

    Cool.. Glad to know your on track to getting RMX & Omni up and running.

    Re: Missing font,

    I've almost deleted that Papyrus font several times, due to oversaturation of use in marketing ie. in every second yoga studio & health product- C'mon hippies get a new font... geez.

    Good luck

    PS - if its a system font - check your system font folder (varies by slightly by system) against (copy/past url) -

    to see any omissions. Fonts are only 10meg aprx, so might be easier to source the missing font Omni needs than search & reinstall all your OS disks
    Mac PPC 2ghz dual, 1.67 ghz PPC 17" lappy, Samson 65a, Logic 8.01 (dont use), Live 8.05 suite (dont fix what aint broke), Skull collection & Howling dogs.

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    Re: Need help: Omnisphere problem

    Here's a bit of nice news: I can't find my OSX install disks, but because I'm still covered under the AppleCare warranty, I can just pop over to the Apple Store, give 'em my PPC's serial number, and they'll GIVE me a new set of 10.4 install disks! I heart apple. (most of the time)
    Mr. Kerry Muzzey

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    Resolved: Need help: Omnisphere problem

    First off, if you need to get new Apple install disks, DON'T go to your apple store! They don't carry them, as the tech support person in India assured me that they do. However, you can order replacement disks from Apple Care over the phone.

    My Omnisphere problem was resolved: turns out that the font set on my Mac had a corrupt font, so I reinstalled the basic fonts from the OS10.4 disks, and bingo - problem solved. The Spectrasonics guys were goooood: they said they had only seen this happen once before, and suggested that I try a font reinstall. They were right!


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