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Topic: DP6.01 and PLAY Review

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    DP6.01 and PLAY Review

    I work on DP 5.13, Kontakt Player Plus Gold EASTWEST and 3 GIGSTUDIOS running running Sonivox and Sam Horns plus other VI's. This system is running on a Mac 2.66 GHZ with 6 Gigs of ram on my Dual Core Intel.

    My PC's, are a 1-AMD Dual Core 6500 and 2-Intel Single Core 3 GHZ and they are all housed on low noised fanned Antec Cases so you can't even tell they are on.

    Everything is connected via Ethernet and Midioverlan and it all goes through my Motu 2408's. There are never any problems except of course for my own lack of creativity at certain times!

    I then ordered and installed DP6.01 and PLAY Platinum.

    Heres what I found.

    1) DP6.01 is sluggish when working with VI. It constantly reloads the Kontakt Player and Play. I am going back to DP 5. This is very bad.
    It seemed like it was Play's fault but I don't think so.

    2) I don't like PLAY. You can't unload the sounds and its awkward to work

    3) The Graphics in MOR are unreadable - too dark.

    4) When I load a Play sound, there is a burst of light.

    5) The crackling sounds reported are when its loading. You just can't play your keyboard during that time. But how can you not.

    6) Occasional Explosive crackling

    7) There are stuck notes on play. I did experience this on GIGA one time but was resolved through the updated MIDIOVERLAN ( Musiclab)

    In conclusion, I will go back to DP Version 5.13 and maybe PLAY will function better. I just don't like the PLAY Sampler especially when comparing it to Kontakt and Gigastudio. It's too awkward. But things become easier as you work with them. The human brain adapts to these changes eventually and really that's the problem. For example, I just changed my eye prescription and it was a nightmare getting used to the new power. The Opthmalogist told me about how the mind adapts to these changes over a period of time - something I didn't know. Anyhow, it’s the same with using new software. We are so used to the graphics, the look, functions etc. Even a micro change will cause total pandemonium in our cognitive perceptions of a particular piece of music software that we use. But, I do feel DP 6 is a real problem that will not go away.

    I look forward to your comments.
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    Re: DP6.01 and PLAY Review

    I have not upgraded to DP 6, too many issues that MOTU seems in no hurry to solve expecially when it comes to East West products. DP 5.13 on my PPC Mac works great, so I am no hurry to move to DP6.

    My two cents.



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    Re: DP6.01 and PLAY Review

    Both PLAY and NI stream off the hard drive differently. Have you tried putting each company's products on separate drives?
    Peter L. Alexander
    Learn it right the first time.

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    Re: DP6.01 and PLAY Review

    Quote Originally Posted by peter269 View Post
    Both PLAY and NI stream off the hard drive differently. Have you tried putting each company's products on separate drives?
    I think DP 6.01 is the problem not PLAY.

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    Re: DP6.01 and PLAY Review

    " You can't unload the sounds "

    Sure you can - menu > current instr > delete


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