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Topic: Give It All (jazz Swing)

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    Give It All (jazz Swing)

    Bouncey tune I just remixed and *blush* played the drums on. Mix of different libraries.


    Rich Garber
    Living Waters Jazz

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    Re: Give It All (jazz Swing)

    Rich, Big band music is one of my favorites styles. Your solos are very refreshing. I enjoy your work, thanks for sharing!.


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    Re: Give It All (jazz Swing)

    Nice muisc to end the day. I am very fond of BigBand music, in particular when it is performed in a "classical" way with virtuosity only when needed. Really great stuff and a very refreshing piece for a change. Thank you.

    Today I had some Strayhorn music playing over my HiFi system and this is a welcome ending to it......

    Raymond - longing for more of this kind of sound

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    Re: Give It All (jazz Swing)

    I LOVE big band music! Nice writing and big band arranging!!!

    Curious. . . There are some pretty convincing software-based drum libraries out there. (I personally believe that the drum sounds found in JABB is sound great!). Did you use/record a real drum set? Or did you use drum-triggers connected to a computer (or sound module) and recorded the "drums" that way?

    Nice solo work, by the way!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: Give It All (jazz Swing)

    Thanks, Victor and Ted.
    Ted, the drums are Garritan. If I recall this used my standard library dispursement of the instruments. Most of the instruments used are JABB. The lead trumpet, alto sax, and tenor sax are not JABB but everything else is. I like the JABB trombone 1 sound for it has that sweet trombone sound that Dorsey and Morrow had.

    I did the drum track using an electronic drum set, the Yamaha DXplorer, triggering the JABB drums via midi (using the drum set manager in Sonar 7). I increased the trigger percentage on a few of the drum sounds which is a big help boosting the volume of the different drum sounds.


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    Re: Give It All (jazz Swing)

    Hey, great tune and solo work.

    I take it you are a real drummer and not a finger drummer like me.

    Nice sound and mix also.

    It makes me want to dance!


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    Re: Give It All (jazz Swing)

    Thanks for listening Phil! Nope, actually I majored in sax and bassoon. But, I do have some drum set playing experience in my much younger days - not much though. Lots of quantizing and do-overs!


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    Re: Give It All (jazz Swing)

    Really fine job on this, Rich... heck of a nice chart
    with some hot solo work. (That drummer's pretty
    decent, too... lol.)

    Four aces on this one -- this is first-rate work;
    solid arranging, and great execution... a real
    pleasure to listen to.



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    Re: Give It All (jazz Swing)

    Thanks Dave! I appreciate the feedback.
    I also changed the link so it points to my Soundclick page.

    Rich Garber

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