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Topic: Looking for instruction in Harmony/Arranging in DC area

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    Looking for instruction in Harmony/Arranging in DC area


    I'm looking for someone (or an organization) who could provide individual or group instruction in harmony, arranging, and composing. I live in the DC area (in Alexandria). I know of a few places I'll be calling (e.g., Levine School of Music, George Mason Univ., local musician's union), but any names of good people to work with or good leads to follow would be great.

    I am a guitarist (less of jazz, more of pop and folk), and I have studied a fair bit of theory. I am currently working my way through Gordon Delamont's "Modern Harmonic Technique," and what I really need is someone who can encourage me and check my work as I move along in my studies. This book has been perfect for me (as Piston's, for example, was just to academic, and too thick with classical references...)...but whatever book my tutor suggests will work fine for me. I just want to learn!

    Any suggestions?

    Many thanks,


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    Re: Looking for instruction in Harmony/Arranging in DC area


    I live in Alexandria as well, and might be able to help you with this. I have tutored in theory, counterpoint, orchestration and composition.

    I've been sharing here on these boards for a long time, but if you'd like to take a look at my site and listen to some of my work, it is linked in my signature. I write contemporary classical mostly, but also work in rock and electronic music.

    Feel free to send me a private message if you're interested in discussing it further.
    - Jamie Kowalski

    All Hands Music - Kowalski on the web
    The Ear Is Always Correct - Writings on composition

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