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Topic: Link to my Russian blog

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    Link to my Russian blog

    HI Folks - Most of you know I'm being kept busy during my stay here in Moscow. The Stas Namin Centre located in Gorky Park is producing my musical, "Dorian."

    I'm maintaining a blog through my home newspaper while I'm here. Videos, photos, and of course text. If you go there, remember the newest posts appear at the top of my page.

    Off I go for a long stroll along the Moscow River, on this our day off from work.

    Take care, everyone.
    Randy Bowser

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    Re: Link to my Russian blog

    Hi Randy, I read your blog entries with interest. It is wonderful to see.

    I was amused by your justification of a breach of Intellectual Property after all the discussion about software piracy.

    I am not having a go, just expressing amusement at the comments you made about it.

    It was interesting and heartwarming to see your comments about finding soulmates in the actors there, where the creation is first and the people are second.

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    Re: Link to my Russian blog

    Hi, Alan!

    I want to thank you again for the wonderful post you put up at The Statesman Journal site, attached to the interview with me they ran before I flew over here.

    I put up a new entry to the blog this morning, with video of some of the performers here starting to learn some of the "Dorian" music. I think you and the others here will enjoy seeing that.

    Before going over to the theatre for a very full day of work, I also wanted to clarify something that you brought up on your response on this thread.

    I haven't "justified" the practice here of often ignoring copyrights. I would never "justify" that. I was describing the situation for my American readers.

    I'm a Relativist, a Humanist, an Atheist, probably several more "ists." I never consciously intend to judge other people's behavior, and abhor moral judgements. That's why theatre is so important to me. As an Art, its reason for existing is to explore the human condition, not to preach or condemn. That quality which exists in the best of theatre is why I've been involved in it all my life. It's the only activity outside of music which in its pure form makes sense to me. "Look at this wide, wild world. Isn't it something!" That's what theatre says.

    For me it's much more interesting to just observe the huge variety of ways people behave rather than to constantly need to bolster, justify and validate my own ways of behaving, or those of the culture I was brought up in.

    I'm sure that if I found my own copyright to my work being infringed, I would put up a fight. But that wouldn't mean I think the people doing the infringing are low life barbarians. Just like when my cat decides to suddenly nip at my hand when I'm petting her, I don't think she's a rude, nasty animal. She's being a cat and I just say "Ouch!" --and then pet her some more.

    Off I go to once again have that strange experience of being an alien, everyone animatedly talking and bustling around, with me rarely knowing what they're going on about. Keeps me humble, and glad to be alive.

    Thanks again, Alan.
    Randy B.

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    Re: Link to my Russian blog

    No worries Randy!

    I wrote that line about justification with a twinkle in my eye; I was being mischievous.

    I have enjoyed following your journey, probably more so for having seen so much of the "early" (late for you I know) stages of it.

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    Re: Link to my Russian blog

    Hi Randy -

    It is good to hear from you. I'm excited for you as you work to produce your show in Moscow.

    Thanks for posting your Blog. Will travel to your "blog" and check to see how all is progressing! Very cool!


    Edited to add:

    Just checked out your video on YouTube. Very cool, Randy. It was very nice to hear your music at the end of the video as the actors/actresses were practicing the piece. It was nice to be reminded how lovely your music is. Left me wanting to hear more!

    Nice job with the video taping, too! This is exciting. I am sure that you are savoring each and every second of your stay in Moscow!


    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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