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Topic: copyright infrigment with my scores. Stay away from Sheetmusicharchive.net

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    copyright infrigment with my scores. Stay away from Sheetmusicharchive.net


    I love googling my name, cause I come up with the most absurd stuff some times. Like this: http://www.sheetmusicarchive.net/sin...omposer_id=663

    Someone (namely John Mamoun, dentist in New Jersey
    John Mamoun, DMD, FAGD
    100 Craig Road Suite 106
    Manalapan, NJ


    Phone: (732) 431-2888

    Took my scores, from IMSLP, or my own website (where they can be found for free), added them to his own website WITHOUT my permission, and then he is charging a (small, I have to admit) subscription fee in order for anyone to download the scores, which are otherwise freely accesible over the net, as you very well know (since whenever I post music, I also post the scores).

    I'm a big fan of open source and the free distribution of education and I'm disgust by Johns' attempt. It's well into the night in New Jersey, but I plan on bombing the guy with e-mails, as well as phone him if needed, or send my lawyer to him (which would cost me money, so I reserve as a last effort), until he removes my scores.

    PROBLEM: I'm NOT the only one. Someone named Josef, from IMSLP, has the same problem as me, and he's contacted the sheetmusicarchive.net in order to have his scores removed (only they haven't replied in 2 days, even if it was weekend).

    So check to see if YOUR name is in the list. Maybe someone is making money, with your scores! ( http://www.sheetmusicarchive.net/ )

    And certainly DO NOT subscripe to these people. You can get all those scores from the composers themselves, the composers gain nothing, and the public domain scores ARE PD and can be found in IMSLP.org

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    Re: copyright infrigment with my scores. Stay away from Sheetmusicharchive.net

    As an artist and cartoonist, I too ran in to this issue many years back. A poster I had printed, called Oddience, with 2,468 cartoon faces was finding its way into peoples homes. Come to find out the printer let a few copies go and one of those were reproduced and signed as the original artist. I consulted a lawyer and he said that he was selling them for such a small cost, it would not be worth my effort to prosecute.
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    Re: copyright infrigment with my scores. Stay away from Sheetmusicharchive.net


    For now, the urgent thing is to get him to remove my scores from his ugly website! and actually I now know 3 people who have scores in there, none with their permission, which seems to be the awful norm for "John Mamoun", if this is his name.

    Either way, I have contacted goDaddy, and hope for the best. Otherwise I will call him. And speak to a lawyer then.

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    Re: copyright infrigment with my scores. Stay away from Sheetmusicharchive.net

    Well, it sounds like the law is on your side ... and that you should contact the person who is publishing your work without your permission. But I would strongly caution you to consult an attorney FIRST.

    In fact, I would have your attroney write the letter and at least pursue the matter to the extent that you recover his fees, if not damages, and keep this guy from making a profit on your work if he is not entitled to it.

    I am not a lawyer, but I deal with them all the time, and there are enough people in my family involved in law enforcement to know that you should not contact this guy by any means but in writing (by certified mail) -- and you should definintely NOT innudate him with unwanted phone calls, emails, etc. -- or you could find yourself charged with aggravated harassment, which I believe is a more serious offense than copyright infringement or whatever this guy did.

    If he is in the wrong, you'll get him. Don't worry. The important thing is not to let your emotions make things worse and give him a reason to file charges against you. If you have a case, a lawyer will probably send him a letter demanding what he thinks are reasonable terms for settling the matter out of court. If the guy doesn't respond or agree to your terms, the proper way to proceed is through litigation. The way to win is to stay on the high road.

    You also need legal advice from someone who deals with copyright law - because what you think is right, what the law allows, and what people are sometimes able to get away with in spite of what the law allows are often three different things. It may be that by making your work available for free, you have given up your rights to it. The law may allow him to claim that he has added value to work in the public domain. I don't think so. But it doesn't matter what I think. Or what you think. What matters is what the courts will do. And only a copyright lawyer can tell you that.

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    Re: copyright infrigment with my scores. Stay away from Sheetmusicharchive.net

    Maybe I'm missing it, but have you taken the simple first step of emailing him and asking him to remove your music? There's a Contact link on the main page.

    I'm NOT defending him, but he has an awful lot of composers on his site. I'm betting that he just grabs anything that is 'free' and isn't too careful about vetting it. He may be reasoning that if you're giving it away free, it must be in the public domain.

    There are a lot of sites that operate under the "Asking for forgiveness is easier than asking for permission" philosophy. If you ask him to remove your stuff, he'll probably just shrug and take it down.

    On the other hand, isn't this free publicity? You're listed right along with Beethoven and Stravinsky. Pretty good company.

    - k
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    Re: copyright infrigment with my scores. Stay away from Sheetmusicharchive.net

    ejr: Problem is that I'm in Greece right now and he's in the US, so it's kinda difficult. Still I will have a talk with my lawyer and see what happens...


    klassical: I have certainly tried to e-mail him, though the contact page, through another e-mail (which bounced back), through his brother Monir Manour in facebook (he is listed as the technical adviser of the site), through the hosting company, the naming company of his website, etc. And still no word.

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    Re: copyright infrigment with my scores. Stay away from Sheetmusicharchive.net

    As I understand it, a lawyer is only allowed to practice where he is licensed, and that is usually done by State or county. Where you sue someone depends on where is business is located or where the alleged offense was committed. Lawyers work with attorneys in other jurisdictions all the time, or get special permission to handle a case there. But any lawyer can write a letter from anywhere. The important thing is that, before you or he contact this guy, that you make sure that you are on solid ground legally. And, look, if you're nice about it and just ask the guy to stop first yourself, he may just cut it out and you can save yourself a lot of time, money and aggravation. Most of the time, this works. If it doesn't a letter from an attorney usually does the trick. But if he is unwilling to cooperate, or he has a lawyer that's telling him it's okay and he wants to fight about it, then you can either fight or let him get away with it. All I am saying is it get competent legal advice FIRST, especially if you are angry, because that's when people usually make poor judgements and do something that they regret.

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    Re: copyright infrigment with my scores. Stay away from Sheetmusicharchive.net

    How about thanking him for publishing your work and asking how much your share of the take is?

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