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Topic: TVEC for FREE

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    TVEC for FREE

    We have decided to create a TVEC Concert Strings Combinations Patch that anyone could download and try out for FREE. This is mostly because we feel that no matter how good audio demos sound (or how BAD, for that matter), the true test is how the instrument plays/sounds/feels "hands-on".

    Therefore, you can now download a 500MB instrument for free to see how it is for real.

    A few words about this free version:

    1. It is only compatible with Kontakt 2.2.3 or newer.
    2. The sustained samples do not loop. (If you purchase the instrument, the sustain samples loop perfectly.)
    3. The range stops above E5. (We had to keep the file size under 500 MB, but if you PURCHASE the instrument, the range goes up to the full extent.)
    4. The instrument only allows you to use it for 3 minutes after which, it will not work. You can reload the instrument to resume your trial, however.
    5. This is a "strings combination" patch which means it utilizes all the string sections with crossfading ranges. That is to say that where the ranges of sections overlap, we have done our best to make sure that the overlap areas sound as believable as possible. Obviously, the separated sections (such as 1st violins only) will have a more believable sound throughout. This download is merely to give an idea of how TVEC works.

    You can download this instrument here.

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    Re: TVEC for FREE

    Great idea, Kirk! Downloading now... Thanks for making this available!

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    Re: TVEC for FREE

    I guess i should just get the upgrade, but a small demo never hurts

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    Re: TVEC for FREE

    Thank you, Kirk!!!

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    Re: TVEC for FREE

    hm, thats pretty damn kewl actualy .
    great work.

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