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Topic: Bosenforfer 2.2 update

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    Bosenforfer 2.2 update

    Just wanted to let everyone know I just did a quick update to Kip\'s piano. I added an old detuned bar room piano patch, pedal up patch, pedal down patch, and one called UFO....well just listen to the demo


    PS...I\'m sending the update to Kip so contact him.

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    Re: Bosenforfer 2.2 update

    Hey Donnie,

    Wow! Cool


    Bardstown Audio

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    Re: Bosenforfer 2.2 update

    I am working on some more MP3 demos of the Bosendorfer Imperial, which will be up on my site in the next couple of days. I am currently changing internet servers, so as soon as that is accomplished, I will put up the new demos.

    These new demos will feature the softer pianissimo character of the Bosendorfer on soft classical, new age, ballads, etc. There are some new patches on the latest upgrades of the Bosendorfer Imperial which allow for mod wheel and velocity filter control, which gives this piano more of a soft, warm and mellow character.

    Bardstown Audio

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    Re: Bosenforfer 2.2 update

    Hi Donnie/Kip
    Great update!
    The demo is the funniest piano sound I´ve heard for years!

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    Re: Bosenforfer 2.2 update

    Donnie, there\'s a little too much room on those samples mate. I can\'t get the piano to sit in with GOS at all. Maybe it\'s a problem with GOS?

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    Re: Bosenforfer 2.2 update

    Guys, I\'m joking. just a little more in the vein of the ongoing dry/wet strings debate.
    Sorry if I came across too serious.

    Donnie, the bar room articulations sound like a lot of fun.

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    Re: Bosenforfer 2.2 update


    I got the joke Should have posted my reaction joke earlier Might have put the joke into more light.

    Bar \"ROOM\" sound = I can\'t get it to work with GOS The ROOMs are different.


    I think he meant from the room sound of the demo not actually having the library.

    Wait you were joking too right? I think? I dunno...

    I personally think the UFO is going to put me on the top of the film composing field Right next to using my new Casio Keyboard idea! I\'m gonna create so much buzz about myself YAH BABY HYPE MACHINE!!!!! WOOOWOOO!!

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Bosenforfer 2.2 update

    Hey Chadwick,

    I didn\'t record the samples so I\'m not sure how they were recorded but I on my end I don\'t hear hardly any room on the samples. I\'m not sure how they work with GOS either because I haven\'t used them together. Have you applied the 2.2 update?


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    Re: Bosenforfer 2.2 update


    Where did you get the Bosendorfer Imperial?

    You did not buy it from me!

    I am the ONLY person in the world who sells this sampled instrument!

    Bardstown Audio

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    Re: Bosenforfer 2.2 update

    Having spent the past week in Scotland on business, I can assure you that I\'ve been itching to try out Donnie\'s new 2.2 update to the Bosendorfer.

    On my return I loaded up the custom articulation file and started to play. That was 4 hours ago and I\'ve only just managed to pull myself away from the keyboard.

    Donnie - hats off to you. You\'ve made a great piano into a masterpiece. Kip - your GigaSample inspires me to play better. When are you likely to start work on that Baldwin? I\'m looking forward to adding to my Bardstown collection.

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