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Topic: Vienna Jazz Drums

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    Vienna Jazz Drums

    This piece utilizes Vienna jazz drums. I used brushes mostly throughout this piece with a few measures of sticks (which are obvious at the tail end). In addition, I used Vienna upright bass, alto sax, and tenor sax. (Each is available as a download. The drums are a bonus for purchasing Vienna Suite. I bought the Suite just for the bonus!)

    Pick Up Sticks

    Please give it a listen.


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    Re: Vienna Jazz Drums

    I reposted this because I think I used the wrong swish samples in the first mix. They seemed a little too forward in the mix and when I called up the file I realized I used the close mic samples instead of the room mic samples. The room swishes blend in better in this version (I think).

    Pick Up Sticks

    Please give it a listen (once again).


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