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Topic: v machine by sm audio

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    v machine by sm audio

    anyone seen this vst player advertised looks promising if it works. Price is $600 but you also have to have a external hard drive. It is called the v machine

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    Re: v machine by sm audio

    I've seen it, but I think, V-Rack, anounced for beginning 2009, looks even more promising:

    Chris Hein
    Chris Hein - Horns / Chris Hein - Guitars / Chris Hein - Bass

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    Re: v machine by sm audio

    missed that. It does look. wonder what it cost.

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    Re: v machine by sm audio

    V Rack's an excellent unit using an ITX motherboard.
    The other units are probably O.K. for lighter stuff.
    These would sell good considering the Receptor's turn around times for compatibility from using a Linux based O.S.
    I would buy a V Rack no matter what the price, but would like to see more RAM like the Supermicro ITX's offer. The way they say " more than 2GB's of RAM " in their pdf is too ambiguous at best.
    But still, I would love to use a laptop w/ a Soniccore XITE-1, a V Rack, my 3U analog synth and a Lexicon PCM91 all in a mobile 4U.
    I have gone from a 28U, down to a powerful but still heavy 16U using both rack rails. I dream of the packed mobile 4U from SKB for " studio gear ".
    It even has a pull up handle like a Stewardess, and is also ported for the laptop dock that sits on top of the rack........SaWheet !

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