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Topic: Omnisphere - problem with sustain pedal

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    Omnisphere - problem with sustain pedal

    Omni is playing with sustain on all the time, except when I press my sustain pedal, the sustain stops.

    I´ve looked in System and under Modulation tried every setting for SUSTAIN. Nothing works.

    How can I make this right? Please help.

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    Re: Omnisphere - problem with sustain pedal

    Nevermind, I restarted my whole setup and now it works. Futurewise I´d better remember to plugin sustain when everything is off.

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    Re: Omnisphere - problem with sustain pedal

    Fine that you could solve your problem this way hebex: unfortunately I could NOT!
    I am also having serious problems with omni sometimes not taking notice of sustain pedal OFFs and note offs. It drove me nuts last night: I made a pad sound recording, with sustain pedal and omni was ignoring SOME note offs and some pedal off signals. It played several notes from the beginning along the whole recording, about 30 seconds or so, and not even stopping them when I press "stop" (in samplitude). Midirecording was absolutely fine, I took a look at the piano roll editor: everything in its place. Bouncing this single recording to get an audio file gave me a perfect audio file. Just when i try to play it back live: same hanging effect.
    Just prooved it a minute ago: made the same recording, just laying some chord progressions using pedal: In Omni I get note hangers within and even after playback. Always had to switch omni to "inactive" to stop playback of the hanging notes. But moving the same midi object to the next track where the "appassionata strings" of the vienna library where active VI, everything played back fine... What to do?

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    Re: Omnisphere - problem with sustain pedal

    Is your sustain pedal a continuous type? or does it output values of 0 and 127?

    These would be the issues to discuss with tech support:


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