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Topic: Ellington and John Taylor

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    Ellington and John Taylor

    Dear all,

    I had a busy few weeks but now found the time to listen some new posts and to post some new music myself. The first piece is Ellington's 'Prelude to a kiss'. There might be distant echoes from McCoy Tyner's famous version on Supertrios, whose voicings I studied many years ago. The second is my version of a piece by the very fantastic English jazz pianist and composer John Taylor, entitled 'New old age'. I used the ostinato in the left-hand as a basis for the improvisation. More info about John Taylor at http://www.johntaylorjazz.com. Do buy his records!

    Prelude to a kiss: http://www.box.net/shared/h4gxec5mzk
    New old age: http://www.box.net/shared/q9h7ehjovd

    All best,
    Jan Frans

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    Re: Ellington and John Taylor

    Those were great.

    I love that Duke tune and the John Taylor music was wonderful.

    You did an awesome job on both of them.

    I've heard of John Taylor but don't have any of his music. I checked the iTunes store and came up with nothing. I'll have to buy one of his CDs. Any recommendations?


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    Re: Ellington and John Taylor

    Thanks, Phil! The solo album Insight, released on the Sketch label, is a personal favourite. Also check out John's albums with Palle Danielsen and Peter Erskine; 'New old age' is on their first CD, You never know (ECM).


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    Re: Ellington and John Taylor

    I'll have to agree with the above statements of praise for your efforts on these two projects! Bravo!

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