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Topic: Steinway Basic - Aria and Custom Instruments

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    Steinway Basic - Aria and Custom Instruments

    Sorry if this should be in the Aria questions thread, but I figured this was a more specific question related to one case, instead of Aria as a whole.

    A little background info:
    Schneb brought up the question of whether one could make their own instruments with Aria. David answered that since Aria uses SFZ open text editing, one would be able to do so.

    So, does that mean that I could purchase the Steinway Basic (which I assume runs the same Aria sample player as the other two Steinways, just with less samples?), when it is released for download, and then write my own mapping files for a custom instrument that has already been sampled, say a harpsichord or something similar?

    Does the Steinway EULA allow one to do this? If not, do you plan to release a standalone version of Aria as a full sampler, for sample mapping, editing, etc.?

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    Re: Steinway Basic - Aria and Custom Instruments


    Any ARIA based product allow importing of SFZ files, either using the import menu entry or by
    dragging SFZ files directly on the interface.

    However, each ARIA-based product has specific number of available slots. Steinway can only load one instrument per instance (since its UI is mostly tailored for the Steinway Piano specifics), while AKAI EWI can load 4 instruments, and the ARIA player shipped in both Finale 2009 and ACID Pro 7.0 allow a full MIDI port (16 slots) of SFZ instruments to be imported.

    Also, since the recent builds of ARIA ( and up) you can mix and match any library in any ARIA player.

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