I'd like to ask a question regarding midi tracks and multiple articulations. I am presently using Garageband as my digital composition workstation and the Miroslav Philharmonik sound library and I cant seem to be able to play multiple articulations (of a violin for example) using just one midi track in Garageband.

I have the Miroslav sound library set up as a plugin in Garageband and there are lots of articulations listed in this plugin window which are assigned to various midi channels 1 to 16. The problem is that I can't call up these various articulations one at a time for instance, unless I put each articulation on separate tracks (and where each articulation has to be set to channel 1). So if I wanted to have a violin play legato then staccato then pizzicato, then tremolo, etc, I have to create a separate track for each articulation. One can quickly buildup 30 tracks or more.

To me, this would be an obvious problem within digital orchestral composition and Garritan seems the best place to look for a solution. So I'm wondering what midi software is out there (and what sound library) is easily able to do this. I have a 3gig, 24" iMac, with 4gigs of RAM.

Your suggestions are welcome.