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Topic: VRSOUND - Where can I buy the strings and brass?

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    VRSOUND - Where can I buy the strings and brass?

    Hi there Franz (I believe it\'s you who run the VRsound company). I went back on it to see if I could find some new Strings demos. I listened to what I found and while I\'m still not that impressed by the quality of the playing in the samples, I do believe they could be of some use.

    I took a quick look at the $4444.44 deal. There were some interesting samples there, including some brass.

    Now my question to you is: why on earth aren\'t there any demos of these brass samples? Why haven\'t you made them available on your site and what is the price tag? I\'d be interested in hearing your trumpets, horns and trombones, as well as more strings demos (perhaps some slower moving stuff and not those beethoven mockups)

    If you have some good orchestral samples that we haven\'t heard any demos of, please make an effort to post some demos soon! I\'m very interested in all kinds of alternatives.
    Any info would be appreciated.

    (Btw, I had a really hard time navigating on your site. You might want to redesign it to be a little more intuitive and obvious)

    PS! sorry about that old strings demo \"review\" I gave some time back. It\'s just that it sounded pretty bad to my ears and I wondered how you could expect people to pay for this. In my opinion they should be free, like Maarten\'s trumpets

    Of course, wouldn\'t it be nice if everything was free...


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    Re: VRSOUND - Where can I buy the strings and brass?

    Hey Thomas,

    I mailed franz a week ago about some info on his french horns, since I really liked the sound of them (from what I could hear from the not-so-good demo).
    The French Horn Ensemble is $150, and the solo french horn is $120 (at least, that\'s what he emailed me).
    I\'d love to get them, but not at this price; I believe that the ensemble is about 220 megs, and althougn I realise that quality is not in the quantity, it\'s a price that could hardly be called \'competitive\'.
    As a price comparision, spectrasonics sells backbeat for $199 (a 3 disc set), Dan Dean sells soloinstruments for a $120 (one full disc) and an Xsample disc costs $150 (roughly 3 different instruments on each disc).
    I personally think that if VRSound would apply a slightly more realistic pricing scheme, a lot of people on this forum would be interested in purchasing his samples..myself included.



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    Re: VRSOUND - Where can I buy the strings and brass?

    Hi Thomas, Thanks for your interest.

    The demos are slowly evolving but those damn days only have 24 hours and as you already know my orchestral/brass skills suck. Also I have created a huge library and I just started making music with it before Namm.
    If you are interested I do a deal with you like I did with Soundsmith you get sounds in exchange for a short demo for this list.

    (PaPa is this OK? I\'ll be happy to buy some ads when I get a budget going!)

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    Re: VRSOUND - Where can I buy the strings and brass?

    Franz, that sounds interesting. Could you email me with more specific information on the instruments/samples? Articulation lists etc?

    Thomas (jzjz@online.no)

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    Re: VRSOUND - Where can I buy the strings and brass?

    I purchased the French Horns about 6 months ago and they were somewhere around $70 for the solo horn. This is a pretty decent sound horn but could have more articulations for the price. Not to impressed with the staccato sounds and it doesn\'t include any mutes. The Xsample includes much more variety. I mix the Xsample, AO and this horn in my orchestrations.

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