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Topic: Planning a custom library...

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    Planning a custom library...

    Howdy folkes. I dream of recording my own samples, specifically brass, but I know nothing of mic placements, articulations that I should record, and programming. Hell, I don\'t even own GS at the moment. (Give me a couple weeks) But the thing is, I have access to some pretty descent players, and a state-of-the-art concert hall at the college that I can use. I\'d feel extremely stupid to pass up an opportunity to record my own samples while I have this time to record my own. But, I need direction, HELP ME! Oh poo...

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    Re: Planning a custom library...


    give me a copy of the samples when you\'re done


    seriously. I know very little of Mic Placement withing the orchestral Domain.

    You may want to talk to the developers directly by E-mailing them, or hit up some of the other \"recording\" forums on the net.

    it really depends on your equipment as well.

    I would consider renting some good equipment if you dont have any on hand.

    good A/D convertors and good pre amps. And most importantly good mics

    If you can possibly do it (its not that hard with multitrackers, set up multiple Mics and have a go at giving yourself choices.

    understand that doing stereo Mics for a \"hall\" can involve some specific placements

    You can run into {hasing problems really quickly, and just observing the 3 to 1 rule of stereo mic placement *probably* wont \"do\" in a hall if you do far micing. You may want to look into X-Y technique as well.

    however I\'m talking out of my *** since I\'ve never done ANYTHING in a hall so I wouldn\'t know what actually works and what doesnt

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Planning a custom library...

    Danke. Sounds like a lot of green. Oh well, that\'s expected I\'m sure.

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