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Topic: Heads-up: Omni's Smoke amp & samplerate

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    Heads-up: Omni's Smoke amp & samplerate

    Hi folks,

    just noticed that the Smoke amp sounds VERY different at different samplerates. I would have expected small differences due to less aliasing at higher rates, which usually leads to cleaner sound. However, the differences are really HUGE.

    It's hard to describe, but at lower rates the amps sound considerably darker, while mic'd mode seems thinner and noisier. There's more "bite" at higher rates, and the differences between amp models are much more pronounced. Best you try it yourself to see what you like best in the context of a particular patch.

    Having said this, I wouldn't prefer one over the other per se. It's just different - ultimately it comes down to taste and context. Just be aware that there is a difference, and don't render patches that use the Smoke amp at other samplerates than you've made them at. Even by adjusting the amp EQ settings I couldn't compensate for the differences.

    @Spectrasonics: Maybe an oversample option could be provided for the amp in the future? This would give us the best of both worlds - running the whole Omni at 88.2 or 96 kHz is a bit costly... Yeah, I know it sounds better anyway, but who has the horse power? And the difference for the other components is not that dramatic - just a bit cleaner. Oh, and the Smoke amp surely er... smokes!


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    Re: Heads-up: Omni's Smoke amp & samplerate

    Thanks for that heads up. Have to check that out.

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