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Topic: The chanting of the druids

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    Re: The chanting of the druids

    It is fascinating the stories your mind comes up with. Do the stories come first or does the music weave the story?

    I enjoyed the mystical trip into the past. Thanks Fred.
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    Re: The chanting of the druids


    Very mystical, indeed.

    Like the musial description though. It gets the point over
    very well.

    The Bells sounded so great. Really added a touch of reality
    to their part of the composition.

    This was an enjoyable listen, Fredrik. Good orchestration and


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    Re: The chanting of the druids

    I think the music was right in line with the story. Effective use of the instruments and voices.

    I've always had a fascination with that part of history. It's all so mysterious.

    A project well done Fred.


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    Re: The chanting of the druids


    I enjoyed this cinemagic presentation. It has the mystic of the druids and draws the listener in. They storyline you wrote is compelling and would make the basis for a great historical fiction novel. (I am not sure that Julius Caesar was ever in England.) Nice use of tubular bells.

    Congrats on a nice work.
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    Re: The chanting of the druids


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    Re: The chanting of the druids

    I love it when threads that disappeared too soon get re-discovered, like this one. I didn't notice it the first time around - so thanks for bringing this to our attention, Michael.

    Majestic piece, Fredrik! Juicy dramatics well fitting the Druidic inspiration. More power to you and to the Druids!

    Randy B.

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    Re: The chanting of the druids

    I like this Fred.
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    Re: The chanting of the druids

    Hi Fredrik, You've taken us to another time and place with your music yet again. The music had many elements to it and helped portray that scene you described. I could sense the mystery and ceremony of the Druids and also a bit of a martial air with the percussion. Another cool presentation and a glimpse back into history. Thanks! John

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    Re: The chanting of the druids

    Quote Originally Posted by Fredrik View Post
    Hi Hippie,

    In this story I made Julius Cesar sound like a nice fellow, lol!

    Well, if nothing else, he made a fine salad; after he was chopped up, and all.

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