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Topic: PersonalOrchestraVST does not exist!

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    PersonalOrchestraVST does not exist!

    I use Finale 2005 - and I don't want to spend any more money to upgrade. That's why I used Garritan Studio for a short while, until I reinstalled Garritan. Now it doesn't work anymore. I tried re-installing both Studio and Garritan Libraries over and over again - it still doesn't work.

    So now I see that PersonalOrchestraVST.dll doesn't exist on my computer - anywhere. And I don't get this stuff about the Finale 2006/FinaleVST folder since I don't even have Finale 2006. Where can I get this file from?

    *Using WinXP SP3, 3GB RAM. I don't think memory is an issue here.

    P.S. I'm rather confused with the yahoo/hotmail banning... it was quite a frustration for me to sign up

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    Re: PersonalOrchestraVST does not exist!

    Hi Oboe,

    Welcome to the Garritan forum on Northernsounds.

    When you reinstalled GPO, did you update it to Kontakt Player 2? If you did, that may be it. The KP2 version of GPO runs under a different name (KontaktPlayer2.dll). What I would recommend that you do in order to get the best performance out of GPO and give you the greatest number of options is to follow the instructions located here:


    Kontakt Player 2's interface will require a separate set of MIDI ports to communicate with Finale, if you decide to use that version. MIDI Yoke does this job well.

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    Re: PersonalOrchestraVST does not exist!

    My copy shipped with KP2. Where can I get KP1?

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    Re: PersonalOrchestraVST does not exist!

    Hi Oboe,

    If it shipped with KP2 then you don't need the KP1 version (and NI won't distribute it anymore). The KP2 version is superior to KP1 in most regards, though one exception is Garritan Studio. Studio was developed to let KP1 talk to notation programs, and it doesn't use the KP2 version, which is why I'm confused that you were able to run it successfully in the past.

    The neat thing about KP2 is that it runs on its own as a standalone. Simply boot it and the notation program, and then connect the two using a pair of virtual midi cables. If you have the KP2 version, you do not need Garritan Studio.


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    Re: PersonalOrchestraVST does not exist!

    Aha! Aha-ha-ha-ha!!!!

    I hadn't thought of using Maple before, although I had heard of it.

    Perfect, I'll get straight to it.


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    Re: PersonalOrchestraVST does not exist!

    Another road block.

    I want to render the final result to an audio file... wav, mp3, etc etc. Is there any way I can do this without having to stick a wire going from audio out to audio in while recording on Audacity?

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