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Topic: Upright Bass Portamento

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    Upright Bass Portamento

    Good morning, Garritanites,

    I'm working on a small jazz combo and messing with the upright bass for the first time. I would like to create the musical effect of the bass player plucking a note, letting his fingers slide down (or up) to the next note before plucking it.

    I've messed with CC 20 (portamento) but it is not working in this context because the slide comes after the pluck, not before (sounds odd). It also only slides about a 1/2 step above or below the target note.

    So, is there a way to use CC 20 to create this effect, or do I need to turn to pitch bends? If so, I know that the JABB bass defaults to +/- 2 semitones. Can I alter this to slide all the way to my target note?


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    Re: Upright Bass Portamento

    I've had a bit of luck using the wheel instead of portomento. After the attack part of the note, draw the pitch down using the wheel controller to the end of the note. On the next note, draw the pitch down from above at the beginning of the note down to the correct pitch (0 on the wheel). You can play with CC1 then to create the attack on the second note after the slide transition.

    Give it a try.


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    Re: Upright Bass Portamento

    Hi, Rob - In addition to boogielicious's good advice about the pitch wheel, I wanted to answer your question "...I know that the JABB bass defaults to +/- 2 semitones. Can I alter this to slide all the way to my target note?.." Yes - In the instrument's GUI, as with all the Garritan instruments, you can change the default pitch bend so that it can reach a full octave if you want.

    I'll add that I've had success using the pitch bend for the effect you want, recording it in real time - and then in the Piano Roll View, simply inserting a value of Zero for the pitch bend right before the next note - also erasing any extra pitch bend data that extended too far.


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